"Having no prior experience I had my doubts about computer science.  I came across a video that was put up on the University of Minnesota Women in Computer Science to get a sense of other women's input on the field and it motivated me to pursue this further.


The video really helped me make up my mind...listening to Professor Larson and the other ladies, I felt as though my fears were put to rest and I was more comfortable pursuing my dream."


Ifrah Adan

Prospective Graduate Student

Computer Science Department

University of Minnesota



“Diane DeBoer made a wonderful documentary about our school -- Augsburg Fairview Academy --  which is charter high school in Minneapolis. 


It respectifully portrays the difficult work of our school.  The tone is informative and uplifting in showing the school's influence on students to help them overcome challenges.  We were all very impressed.  This film will help tremendously in the marketing and messaging of our school."


Bart Johnson

Former Executive Director

Augsburg Fairview Academy


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